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07 December 2012 @ 11:26 pm
Wait, I signed up to do something resembling public speaking?  
I agreed to go to a tiny library con to do a panel or something (I'm not allowed to sell stuff at this one) tomorrow. I have no idea what to do or how to prepare, I've never actually been to an art-related panel. In fact, I think I've only been to one panel at all my very first A-kon before I started tabling and there were voice actors there? I was with some friends.

The other guests are a published artist/professional of some kind and three voice actresses. I am so much nobody where do I even fit into this, haha. The only reason I was invited is because it's one of my mom's old friends from Rocky organizing it. So yeah, it's at a library which means it's probably going to be a bunch of really young people. I honestly have no clue how to talk about art, least of all mine. I don't really have a concrete process I can describe, it feels like I do things differently almost every time. My art isn't quite as ANIME as the other artist who will be there, I'm actually not sure how to describe it (but I'd love for someone else to try!) I don't know how much I can talk to them about selling at conventions or whatever either? Or internet culture, that sounds potentially corrupting or something.

Probably I will end up just completely winging it like pretty much everything else I do (including my art!) and see how it goes. Try not to get too freaked out to where I end up clamming up and being just completely useless I guess. Maybe I will get a tiny bit of exposure? I'm not so much expecting a lot from this thing though, haha. But I'm gonna stress out over it anyway, because that's how I roll.
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