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05 November 2012 @ 11:52 pm
The most awkward livestream ever  
I'm recording this for posterity because haha what the heck, man.

livestream chat log only goes back so far but this guy shows up all "I want a request, sorry to be rude" and I'm like no it's totally okay I offered them and I don't know what I'm doing yet. He then posts a link to a reference (A female anthro Scooby-Doo? WTF) and starts telling me what he wants the clothes, hair, and pose to be, never once making any conversation other than to make demands for his free art.

Quatrina mod: haha I am probably not going to get super detailed here
James Fox ban: pose: sitting and showing/admiring her feet anf bod
James Fox ban: ok
James Fox ban: let's do this
Quatrina mod: aaand I'm not really that good at animals so it's probably gonna be awkward anyway
James Fox ban: k
James Fox ban: ear rings?: optional
James Fox ban: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcflcbxlFe1qgm6uso1_1280.jpg - arms like ref
Quatrina mod: orrrr something :D
James Fox ban: hands and arms like ref XD
Quatrina mod: Man you are asking an awful lot for free art. :D
James Fox ban: sorry
James Fox ban: fix arms and continue with pose
Quatrina mod: ummm nope, I spend more  effort on actual commissions but for random requests you just kinda get what you get!
James Fox ban: k
*loooong pause, during which point I go to work on something completely different*
James Fox ban: color/
James Fox ban: ?
Quatrina mod: Um, still no.
Quatrina mod: I'm curious how you even found this stream. Since if you actually watched me anywhere you'd know I'm not even a furry artist.
James Fox ban: tumblr
Quatrina mod: Well I'd guessed that.
Quatrina mod: But the livestream thing is supposed to be something where I can draw and chill and chat with people. Maybe get some work done.
Quatrina mod: But it seems to me you came here only wanting to get free art to your specifications out of some hapless artist who has nothing better to do.
Quatrina mod: But I do, in fact, do actual commissions, and it is a disservice to those willing to pay for art to give it out to random strangers who happen to find me streaming.

I streamed for a long while after that, and he never responded, though the stream showed that he was still there. Eventually, I finally just shut down the stream since I wasn't getting anything out of it and it was only making me feel really awkward.

The reason I do livestreams at all is because I like to have people to talk to while I work. It keeps me working and not wandering off to play video games or watch anime or bother my cat. I'm not popular, so it's pretty rare that anybody shows up at all, and most of them are empty for a long time before I give up and shut it down, discouraged. But I have, in the past, had great streams where people hung out and talked fandoms or whatever, and they were a lot of fun! That is what I want from a stream! But then this person shows up, says nothing other than "I want this and this and this" and I drew a crappy picture for him after telling him I'd suck at it, and still he expected more. I don't even know.

I still want to keep doing livestreams, and maybe someday people who just want to hang out and have fun and maybe learn something (haha like you can do that watching me) will show up and make it worthwhile instead of kind of depressing. I can dream!
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