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Katrina the Mad Fangirl
07 December 2013 @ 10:11 am

Um so I kind of forgot Livejournal existed for a while but I'm still around? I think everyone is following me elsewhere anyway but whatever. Maybe one of these days I'll come up with something to post about life or whatever I dunno. I guess I've got pictures from a trip to Universal Studios and Disneyworld I could share, since that was a thing that happened.

ANYWAY it's time for cards again so if anybody wants one you can go fill out this form and I will send you mail and it'll be great. (That's a preview image of the card so probably anybody reasonably familiar with my latest fandom can guess who's on it haha) I'm hoping to get them printed and mailed out within the next week, so don't be shy about signing up! I actually really like sending people cards.
Katrina the Mad Fangirl
10 June 2013 @ 09:41 am
I just went over to my generally unused dreamwidth account thinking I should check things out over there and found a private post with links and passwords to three RP journals I apparently created and never actually started doing anything with.

....for Dist the Rose, Gilgamesh, and Polar Bear.
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Katrina the Mad Fangirl
09 May 2013 @ 06:27 pm
I'm in Florida this week. It's not so much a vacation, since mostly I'm just sitting around the house on the computer, also known as exactly what I do at home. Mom mostly came here to visit her dad and help her stepmom take care of some things. His mind is pretty much completely gone and a lot of the time he doesn't know where he is or what's going on. He also needs help with literally everything and gets upset if his wife isn't in his direct line of sight for any amount of time. It's actually a pretty depressing vacation. I'd like to go out and do things, but I feel bad for wanting to. I also feel bad for thinking every meal we've had here so far was a culinary disappointment when I used to equate trips to Florida with delicious food. It has been over a decade, maybe almost two since I've been here last though so I don't know. I kind of think I shouldn't have come along this time either. I'm not really helping anyone by being here, and I'm pretty sure work has been having trouble without me. I feel bad for the new girl, she'd barely started when I took off. Probably there will be a pile of stuff to take care of immediately when I get back, and I won't ever be able to get away for more than a couple days again.

Pretty much the only good thing is that I'm getting more art done than I likely would have at home. I finished a notepad design and started a whole new print even though I really should be finishing up some in progress pictures I have lying around. We'll see how that goes I guess.

I think we're only going to be here another day or so and then we get to drive back home, hopefully stopping for the night somewhere along the way this time, which we completely failed to do on the way over here. And then back to the daily grind of dealing with crap at work all day and then coming home to not be motivated to do shit even though I have a con in less than a month yaaay
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Katrina the Mad Fangirl
16 December 2012 @ 04:08 pm

Okay this is crazy that I'm even considering this at this time but it is bothering me that I'm not sending out cards this year so I'm gonna try to do it. They might be late but I really like doing them and TRADITION so whatevs. Do you want one? If so, put a (screened) comment here with the following information and you can receive mail that isn't a bill or an advertisement, and who doesn't like that!

Your name (who you want it addressed to)

Your address (or I can't send one)

3 preferred fandoms (optional)

I don't think I can promise anything and hell you might get like, a valentine or something if I suck too much but oh well I'm gonna try this XD

Katrina the Mad Fangirl
I agreed to go to a tiny library con to do a panel or something (I'm not allowed to sell stuff at this one) tomorrow. I have no idea what to do or how to prepare, I've never actually been to an art-related panel. In fact, I think I've only been to one panel at all my very first A-kon before I started tabling and there were voice actors there? I was with some friends.

The other guests are a published artist/professional of some kind and three voice actresses. I am so much nobody where do I even fit into this, haha. The only reason I was invited is because it's one of my mom's old friends from Rocky organizing it. So yeah, it's at a library which means it's probably going to be a bunch of really young people. I honestly have no clue how to talk about art, least of all mine. I don't really have a concrete process I can describe, it feels like I do things differently almost every time. My art isn't quite as ANIME as the other artist who will be there, I'm actually not sure how to describe it (but I'd love for someone else to try!) I don't know how much I can talk to them about selling at conventions or whatever either? Or internet culture, that sounds potentially corrupting or something.

Probably I will end up just completely winging it like pretty much everything else I do (including my art!) and see how it goes. Try not to get too freaked out to where I end up clamming up and being just completely useless I guess. Maybe I will get a tiny bit of exposure? I'm not so much expecting a lot from this thing though, haha. But I'm gonna stress out over it anyway, because that's how I roll.
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Katrina the Mad Fangirl
05 December 2012 @ 01:30 am
I fail so hard at using this journal, possibly partly because I always doubt whether anyone still pays attention to livejournal, or actually cares what the heck I'm up to. But I guess I should put something up now and then to let people know I'm alive or something? I don't even know.

I'm going to talk about work, because that is apparently something I do now. This is going to be a whole story, since I sucked at updating things as stuff happens.

This might get long.Collapse )

So yeah. That's what my life is right now. And I should not still be conscious since I have to get up in the morning for more of the same.
Katrina the Mad Fangirl
05 November 2012 @ 11:52 pm
I'm recording this for posterity because haha what the heck, man.

livestream chat log only goes back so far but this guy shows up all "I want a request, sorry to be rude" and I'm like no it's totally okay I offered them and I don't know what I'm doing yet. He then posts a link to a reference (A female anthro Scooby-Doo? WTF) and starts telling me what he wants the clothes, hair, and pose to be, never once making any conversation other than to make demands for his free art.

Quatrina mod: haha I am probably not going to get super detailed here
James Fox ban: pose: sitting and showing/admiring her feet anf bod
James Fox ban: ok
James Fox ban: let's do this
Quatrina mod: aaand I'm not really that good at animals so it's probably gonna be awkward anyway
James Fox ban: k
James Fox ban: ear rings?: optional
James Fox ban: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcflcbxlFe1qgm6uso1_1280.jpg - arms like ref
Quatrina mod: orrrr something :D
James Fox ban: hands and arms like ref XD
Quatrina mod: Man you are asking an awful lot for free art. :D
James Fox ban: sorry
James Fox ban: fix arms and continue with pose
Quatrina mod: ummm nope, I spend more  effort on actual commissions but for random requests you just kinda get what you get!
James Fox ban: k
*loooong pause, during which point I go to work on something completely different*
James Fox ban: color/
James Fox ban: ?
Quatrina mod: Um, still no.
Quatrina mod: I'm curious how you even found this stream. Since if you actually watched me anywhere you'd know I'm not even a furry artist.
James Fox ban: tumblr
Quatrina mod: Well I'd guessed that.
Quatrina mod: But the livestream thing is supposed to be something where I can draw and chill and chat with people. Maybe get some work done.
Quatrina mod: But it seems to me you came here only wanting to get free art to your specifications out of some hapless artist who has nothing better to do.
Quatrina mod: But I do, in fact, do actual commissions, and it is a disservice to those willing to pay for art to give it out to random strangers who happen to find me streaming.

I streamed for a long while after that, and he never responded, though the stream showed that he was still there. Eventually, I finally just shut down the stream since I wasn't getting anything out of it and it was only making me feel really awkward.

The reason I do livestreams at all is because I like to have people to talk to while I work. It keeps me working and not wandering off to play video games or watch anime or bother my cat. I'm not popular, so it's pretty rare that anybody shows up at all, and most of them are empty for a long time before I give up and shut it down, discouraged. But I have, in the past, had great streams where people hung out and talked fandoms or whatever, and they were a lot of fun! That is what I want from a stream! But then this person shows up, says nothing other than "I want this and this and this" and I drew a crappy picture for him after telling him I'd suck at it, and still he expected more. I don't even know.

I still want to keep doing livestreams, and maybe someday people who just want to hang out and have fun and maybe learn something (haha like you can do that watching me) will show up and make it worthwhile instead of kind of depressing. I can dream!
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Katrina the Mad Fangirl
18 September 2012 @ 01:15 am
I haven't started Birth By Sleep yet. I'm gonna talk about anime instead. I got addicted to crunchyroll for a while, so I've actually seen a bunch of fairly recent stuff. I'm pretty picky about what I sit down and watch so I think a lot of these I started because somebody I know or admire mentioned them? Anyway, I'm gonna try to lay down some opinions while keeping it relatively spoiler-free. I'll try to say something about pretty much everything I can remember watching in the past year, so it might not be all new stuff. Oh, also, maybe some pictures? I will draw my favorite character for each series.

stuff I have been watchingCollapse )

Okay I think I missed a couple series but doing this is kind of exhausting! I'm super bad at talking about series like this though, I think I just kind of derp it up because I don't really know what to say, especially when I'm trying not to spoil anything. I guess I will never be a critic! Which is no surprise, because I always sucked at it. This is more of a "hey, these are some things I watched" post I guess. Maybe I'll go back and do it again every once in a while.
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Katrina the Mad Fangirl
13 September 2012 @ 04:08 am
So I just finally beat Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days and now I'm gonna ramble about it and try to summarize it for the benefit of people who don't want to play it but are still for some reason curious what happened.

First off I'll just mention that it's been a reeeally long while since I've played either Kingdom Hearts or Kingdom Hearts 2, perhaps less since I've played Chain of Memories but hahaha that game. Anyway the point is my memory of the plot of any of these games is rather fuzzy, which is not helped by the fact that the plots of these games are pretty inscrutable in the first place.

full of spoilers, obviouslyCollapse )

Bonus drinking game! Take a shot when:

Xemnas is melodramatic
Xigbar says "As if!"
Xaldin is condescending
Vexen insults you
Lexaeus actually talks
Zexion is a snob
Saïx bitches at you
Axel says some form of "got it memorized?"
Demyx whines about having to work or pushes his work off on you
Luxord makes a ridiculous gambling metaphor
Marluxia says something suspicious
Larxene is a bitch
Roxas hallucinates red shorts
Xion has an identity crisis

So yeah that was 358/2 Days. Don't ask me to explain what this all means in the ongoing plot of these games. I can't even remember why completing Kingdom Hearts was supposedly a bad thing and why Sora had to mess up Xemnas's plans, but whatever, that was years ago.

Next up, Birth By Sleep, I guess. I really need to not try to do all the extra crap in this silly game.
Katrina the Mad Fangirl
03 September 2012 @ 07:19 pm
Home from AnimeFest! I should maybe do a more detailed con report but aaah don't want to use my brain right now. I'm just gonna post aaaallllll my con pictures from this year because fuck, I suck at doing it in a timely fashion. And taking them at all in the first place, sometimes.

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